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I am trying out the nexenta community edition.   Server is an HP DL380 G6 with 2 x quad core intel procs, 96GB of memory, and 16 sas disks.   Four 1gb adapters are configured in an LACP group, and that works fine (took forever to work out, but it works)   Added the box to AD - very simple. CIFS screams. Was able to use richcopy
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I recently stood up a server to evaluate Nexenta 4.0.3 for use as storage for our ESXi datastores.  Everything is up and running but I am not achieving the throughput that I was hoping to see.   My set up is as follows: Supermicro X8DTE motherboard 2x Intel Xeon E5-5520 CPUs 80 GB PC3-10600R memory 1x Supermicro AOC-USASLP-L8i HBA 8x
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Hi, we built a test machine repurposing a 12 bay qnap with 4.0.3 CE. NexentaStor is installate in a usb stick and I created a 9 drive raidz-2 pool. There are no ssd involved. The "server" has 6 GB on ram only but, as I said, this is an experiment. The drives are 2TB sata3 WD Enterprise and there are 2 1GBe uplinks Compression and dedup are