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I've been running NexentaStor for a while, then the server stopped booting. Replaced the motherboard (it was an ASUS E35M1-M Pro, replaced with ASUS Z79-AR), and now it boots, but it won't see my volume -- all the drives say "cannot open."   # zpool status volume01   pool: volume01 state: UNAVAIL status: One or more devices could

Hi, All!   How to prevent a members of the Microsoft Domain Admins group to view some folders in CIFS share? Now Domain Admins can view all the folders in CIFS, ignoring explicit prohibitions. Thanks!   Bye, All!
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Dear all,   Have you ever installed Nexenta 4.0.4 on an HP DL380 G8? It's default (on-board) NIC is Broadcom NetXtreme 5719 (BCM5719) Gigabit Ethernet PCIe, which Nexenta does not recognize during installation.   Nexenta has a tool for hardware named "hwdisco", you can pass the path to the new drivers and they will be installed during
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Hi all, first post here.   So I've been using 4.0.2 for a while now and recently decided to upgrade to 4.0.4. However I'm experiencing a problem regarding VAAI. In the release notes for 4.0.4 on page 7 it say the customers settings will be retained during the upgrade. Unfortunately this has not been my experience, and I've tried it more than