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Nexenta Community, christina.ilich kcraig paul.casillas christina.adams and mletschin   As most of you are aware Nexenta had a long time ago changed CE policy to have a capacity limit of 18TB RAW.  I know this angered many of you and some, maybe even many, left the Nexenta community.  In addition, Nexenta had slow software

Dear all,   Have you ever installed Nexenta 4.0.4 on an HP DL380 G8? It's default (on-board) NIC is Broadcom NetXtreme 5719 (BCM5719) Gigabit Ethernet PCIe, which Nexenta does not recognize during installation.   Nexenta has a tool for hardware named "hwdisco", you can pass the path to the new drivers and they will be installed during
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We run Enterprise 3.1.6 and currently rsnapshot onto nearline OmniOS servers.  I want to migrate to pulling snapshots and zfs-sending them to nearline, but how critical is feature flag compatibility in zfs data transfers?  Currently we'd be sending from a zpool with a reduced feature set (Nexenta 3.1.6) to a pool with a full (eg OmniOS
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Hi, I have installed CE 4.0.3 in a home environement. Due to monetary issues, my syspool is on a single 32GB SSD drive. I have Enterprise Class SSDs for Zil & ARC. Following a bad week where I first had a badly seated stick of RAM, followed by a power cut while absent, I have started getting an error message from Nexenta. Here is the